NSR Australia Helps Get You in the College Sports You Want

NSR Australia Helps Get You in the College Sports You Want

Started as an American sports recruiting agency and over 15 years later expanded globally to include NSR expanded to include South Africa and later Australia a little over 10 years ago. NSR is unique in their field because they do not only find and recruit the best of the best in sports. Rather they look for people that have different and varying abilities that meet the needs of schools.

NSR Australia works to recruit these high school students from around Australia and New Zeland and work to get them into American schools. This is completed by first going to and looking at many of the schools throughout the America. After the company met with the schools they hired recruiters. These recruiters worked with the colleges to out what student profile they are looking for. The agent will then search Australia and New Zeland for students that meet the particular profile that is needed rather than the one who may have the highest scores.

NSR Australia has been able to assist over 5000 students in establishing a pathway to combine their love and passion for a sport and completing an education in an American University. They are able to assist these aspiring sports fanatics the opportunity to study in the United States and assists them in finding sports scholarships provided by these schools to assist in the cost.

NSR Australia has nearly 50 sponsors from all different sports to assist them including the FFSA in football and the Golf SA as well. The company is based out of Cheltenham, VIC. They have an 85% success rates from the students placed in this program completing their degree and currently have over 300 students in US schools completing these pathways. They have won many awards including the 2014 Victorian Small Business award.

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